Model No. : PA-27 Battery

Operational Features:

Using built-in battery, charging continuously using 4 hours LCD liquid crystal display screen.

Working state: Has counting, adding, batch and so on state function, effectively improves the work function.

Automatic Start & Stop, automatic reset.

Abnormal bill recognition function: Automatic detecting half-notes, sequence-notes, double-notes.

Identification function: Automatic detecting UV(Ultraviolet), MG(Magnetic)

Technical Parameters:

Counting Speed: >1000
Counting Size: length 10-170mm, wide: 50-85mm
Entrance money capacity: 200
Counting range: 1-199
Present range: 1-199
Continous working time: >4 hours
Wearing parts life: >1000 ten thousand sheet
Work temperature rise: Product Size : 314mm * 257mm * 197mm
Product Weight: 6 kg
Power Source: AC110V – AC240V
Power Consumption: < 60Watts
Noise: <60dB
Size of carton(2 pcs) : 610mm * 375mm * 280mm